Choose Not to Declare War: Choose Collaborative Divorce


When a couple decides to divorce, they have many decisions to make.  But it starts with how they will divorce.  One of the ways to do divorce in Nebraska is through the collaborative process.  In the collaborative process, the spouses literally choose not to declare war; they make the choice to be civil and professional with each other despite how they feel about each other.  During the process, they will agree to take off their gloves and not fight.  This doesn’t mean it’s easy, but it does mean that the spouses will remain in control of their outcome.  When spouses can maintain control over their case (with the assistant of advocates), they are better able to manage their finances, their parenting time and their living arrangements.

If you’ve decided to divorce, learn about the collaborative process in Nebraska.  Join us for a Divorce Options Workshop every Second Saturday of the month.  At this workshop, you’ll learn about how to take the war out of divorce and move on in a civil manner.

By: Tracy Hightower-Henne
      Hightower Reff
      Collaborative Practice Attorney