My Why.......

Many people are completely perplexed by the idea of me finding personal enjoyment, through my role in someone’s divorce journey. You see, in society we have this image or idea that the process of divorce has to be a negative or perhaps even a traumatic event for all parties involved. A big attraction for me, in becoming a professional with the Collaborative Process, is the fact that we are doing just that, we are collaborating with all parties involved and determining the best possible outcome for the family unit. As a Divorce Coach I have the opportunity to walk alongside someone as they express their anger, fears, relief, resentment, joy, concerns, future goals, disappointments, and happiness. While many couples enter into a marriage with the expectation: till death, do us part; life happens. Our team of professionals are sensitive to this, and are able to work at the pace, of the couple. Through on-going support and conversations we are able to identify areas which may delay the process, and provide that additional support or even suggestions on how to have a positive outcome. When children are involved, one of the most rewarding parts, is having the ability to work one on one, with each partner. We have the ability to work on areas such as communication, scheduling, housing concerns, and shift in family dynamic. It is quite rewarding and an accomplishment when you are able to get each partner to a point of cognitively focusing on co-parenting and considering what is in the best interest of the child, above all else. There are many unknowns when preparing for a divorce, and through the on-going help and support of our collaborative team, we are able to deliver positive outcomes. If you or someone you know is considering divorce, please contact any professional within Nebraska Collaborative Divorce, and let us help you through your divorce journey.

-Samantha Willey